Understanding inquests - shensmith barristers

Understanding Inquests, with Stephen Harvey QC – ShenSmith Barristers

What is an inquest? Inquests and public enquiries are unlike ordinary court hearings, because, as their name implies, they are
Crime and Criminal Matters - ShenSmith Barristers

Criminal Matters and Criminal Prosecutions

What do I do if I am arrested upon the suspicion of a criminal offence? Anyone who has been arrested
paperwork and regulations

Commercial and regulatory investigations and prosecutions

(transcription:) Businesses, regulations, and the law. Businesses today, whether they be large or small, have never been subject to so
Banking matters and Private Prosecution

Banking matters and Private Prosecution We’ve had a huge amount of dialogue and discussion with people affected by banking matters and issues. So what
Taking the First Step - Instruct a Barrister Directly.

Taking the First Step – Instruct a Barrister Directly.

When Should I Get In Touch With a Barrister? The sooner you come the better, because the sooner you come
Referencing guidance for business from ShenSmith Barristers

Litigation Barristers from ShenSmith Barristers

Hi, I am Jonanthan Maskew, one of the directors and co-founder of ShenSmith Barristers. One of the aims for 2016
Family and Divorce Matters - a barrister can help

Family and Divorce Matters – a barrister can help

  At ShenSmith Barristers, we are currently having a huge influence of Direct Access enquiries with family, divorce, and children

The Benefits of Direct Access to a barrister, with Stephen Harvey QC

We interviewed Stephen Harvey QC about the benefits of coming to a barrister directly: How are solicitors and barristers different?
ShenSmith Barristers

(for Barristers) – Joining ShenSmith Barristers

  Hi, we’re looking to add to the ShenSmith fold of Direct Access barristers over the next 6 to 9
2016-2019 strategic plan - Bar Standards Board Consultation

ShenSmith meet with the Bar Standards Board about the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan Following a positive meeting with the Bar Standards Board, we’d like to take the opportunity just to express our
Top Tips for a Successful Direct Access Practice - Bar Council, ShenSmith Barristers

Recap: Top Tips for a Successful Direct Access Practice – at Bar Council offices

Hi, quick catch up from ShenSmith Barristers, following yesterday’s hugely successful and well-attended event at the Bar Council offices –
Neighbour building without planning permission?

Neighbour building without planning permission?

There are some circumstances, where even though the matter of a planning application has been unsuccessful from your neighbour, they carry
Types of Planning Matters

Types of Planning Matters

Some of the cases that come through to our planning barristers involve boundary disputes, as to who is responsible; shared drive
Driving without Headlights - ShenSmith Barristers

Driving without Headlights – a Barrister’s advice

I recently received a question about driving without headlights. Effectively, a young driver had got in a car, and driven
Litigation Funding from ShenSmith Barristers

Litigation Funding services from ShenSmith Barristers

How does ShenSmith Barristers work with Litigation Funding? One of the aims of the ShenSmith Barrister model is also to