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Public Access Bar Association: Public Access Seminar 2017
Wednesday 8th February 2017, 6pm-7pm, 23 Essex Street, London WC2R 3AA

Thomson Reuters: (Author page — Daniel ShenSmith)
7 December 2016 — Webinar: “Growing a successful public access practice – strategies and skills for success

The Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference 2016
15 October 2016 — Co-Founder Daniel ShenSmith joined the BSB panel for session on ABS structures


Thomson Reuters:

Oct 2017 — Will barrister ABSs lead the way for innovation?

Legal Futures:

1 June 2017 — Direct access chambers and specialist financial services set launch BSB ABSs

Thomson Reuters:

June 2017 — Innovating the Bar: barrister insight from Thomson Reuters
May 2017 — Innovation at the Bar, [Video] “Daniel ShenSmith discusses his approach to innovation at the Bar.
11 May 2017 — Innovating the Bar: how to create and grow a successful practice

Direct Access Portal:
23 June 2016 — How Direct Access Barristers Stepped in to Resolve a Disaster for our Business

The Bar Council:
30 June 2016 — The Business of Barristers

Solicitors Journal:
27 April 2016 — Law of the land, lawyer of the times

Bar Standards Board:
19 April 2016 — Barristers predict an increase in public access work

The Law Society Gazette:
13 April 2016 — Public access chambers offers fixed-fee debt representation

Legal Futures:
12 April 2016 — Public access barristers join forces with debt solutions business to offer fixed-fee representation

The Bar Council:
16 February 2016 — Top tips on running a successful Direct Access Practice

The Barrister Magazine:
Michaelmas 2015 — Direct Access — Are You Delivering?

The Bar Council:
6 August 2015 — The benefits of direct access: a client’s perspective

The Law Society Gazette:
20 July 2015 — Chambers offers legal advice through ‘video surgeries’

Legal Futures:
14 July 2015 — QC to offer free direct access video surgery

14 July 2015  — QC to offer free direct access video surgery

Legal Future:
1 June 2015 — New video platform is “missing link” for direct access barristers