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Can I be sued for the late delivery of goods under a contract?

If you are concerned as to whether you can be sued for the late delivery of goods that you supply
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Seatbelt offences While Driving

Today, I am going clear up the mysteries surrounding the offences of failing to wear a seatbelt. It’s the Road
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Totting up to 12 Points on your Driving Licence

Transcription: To help you understand what it means to get 12 points on your driving licence, often known as totting,
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Top Tips when Taking Formal Legal Advice, from barrister Dirk van Heck

Top tips for formal legal include: It is cost-effective to ‘front-load’ your advice, and get a senior barrister at an early
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Barristers Wig & Gown - ShenSmith Barristers

What Is The Difference Between Litigating And What Barristers Normally Do?

When the Bar’s public direct access scheme first appeared, it was designed to enable lay clients who could manage their
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Understanding inquests - shensmith barristers

Understanding Inquests, with Stephen Harvey QC – ShenSmith Barristers

What is an inquest? Inquests and public enquiries are unlike ordinary court hearings, because, as their name implies, they are
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Stuart W Stevens - Direct Access Barrister at ShenSmith Barristers

Free Initial Consultation – Stuart W Stevens

Well, of course, one of the other benefits is that if you do come to someone and you don’t know
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Review of convictions in Joint Enterprise

Note prepared by Stephen Harvey QC – R v JOGEE (APPELLANT), and RUDDOCK (APPELLANT) v THE QUEEN (RESPONDENT) (JAMAICA) [2016]
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Crime and Criminal Matters - ShenSmith Barristers

Criminal Matters and Criminal Prosecutions

What do I do if I am arrested upon the suspicion of a criminal offence? Anyone who has been arrested
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paperwork and regulations

Commercial and regulatory investigations and prosecutions

(transcription:) Businesses, regulations, and the law. Businesses today, whether they be large or small, have never been subject to so
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Taking the First Step - Instruct a Barrister Directly.

Taking the First Step – Instruct a Barrister Directly.

When Should I Get In Touch With a Barrister? The sooner you come the better, because the sooner you come
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The Benefits of Direct Access to a barrister, with Stephen Harvey QC

We interviewed Stephen Harvey QC about the benefits of coming to a barrister directly: How are solicitors and barristers different?
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Driving without Headlights - ShenSmith Barristers

Driving without Headlights – a Barrister’s advice

I recently received a question about driving without headlights. Effectively, a young driver had got in a car, and driven
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zero hour contracts from ShenSmith Barristers

Zero-Hours Contracts for Employers

Zero hours contracts – what has changed? In relation to zero hours contracts, there will no longer be exclusivity clauses.
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shared parental leave advice from ShenSmith Barristers

Shared Parental Leave

What is shared parental leave? I’ve been asking a lot of questions about shared parental leave, and that’s a right
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