Taking the First Step – Instruct a Barrister Directly.

When Should I Get In Touch With a Barrister?

The sooner you come the better, because the sooner you come to someone, the better they would be able to take instructions from you, the more time they would be able to dedicate to your case, and the more work they can put into it. But, no, there is no bar of when you can come – and of course, if you call up and I am free, I am not already in court for someone else, we can take instructions, I can take instructions from you. And I can appear in court the very next day, even on the same day if it is complete emergency, you desperately need it. But of course, going to someone in plenty of time is often the best thing, because that means you can prepare the case properly and run the case properly.

Can I speak to a barrister without having an actual court filing?

Often as well, if you come, because you have one of those niggling feelings at the back of your mind, and you think, “ I don’t know whether I’ve got a case or not, but I think something is not right. I’d like to talk to someone about it.” Then, that’s the perfect time to come to someone. Because, of course, often things can be resolved before going to court. There’re many steps you can take to preemptively sort the matter out, and sort the problem out without having to go to court. So the best thing you can do is to take that first step and speak to someone.