Terms of Business

Our Terms of Business

1. ShenSmith Barristers is a remote chambers, providing administration and clerking services to public access barristers throughout England and Wales and can access the services of thousands of accredited barristers to provide you with expert, cost-effective legal advice and representation over a broad spectrum of law. ( see practice areas )

2. You must not take the content of this website as formal legal advice.

3. Legal advice is only given by a barrister, and only after instructions have been given and accepted in writing and under the terms of a client care letter.

4. ShenSmith Barristers or our associates may provide a 15-minute ‘pre-advice’ telephone call with a barrister by appointment and without charge; this is not legal advice. We may also offer a fixed fee conference by appointment as deemed suitable by the barrister upon reviewing your information you have provided. This is legal advice and all professional rules applicable to practising barristers apply. However, neither the telephone advice nor fixed fee appointment(s) will give rise to any obligation either, on the barrister to provide further advice and/or representation, or, on the client to retain the services of the barrister.

5. If a client decides to instruct a barrister for advice and/or representation, then an agreement setting out the individual terms of business will be entered into by both the barrister and the client in the form of a ‘client care letter’, which sets out the nature of the instructions, timeframe of carrying them out, work to be undertaken and fee arrangements for the professional legal services. The client care letter is to be signed by the client and forms the contract between the barrister and the client, and all payments processed us are strictly subject to contract.

Privacy and Data

6. The data we gather via our online forms is submitted via a secure connection with our service providers, and will be kept confidential at all times. We will only use your information for the purposes of assisting you in securing services from us, and will not disclose your data to any part other than for the purposes of your enquiry. Please click here for our full privacy and data policy.

Client Satisfaction

7. The barristers and supporting staff at ShenSmith Barristers aim to provide you with the very best service and care at all times.

8. If there is any reason that this service does not come up to your expectations and you wish to complain, please contact our clerking team in the first instance.

9. In the unlikely event that your issue is not resolved quickly and informally, please contact your barrister(s) directly to request their formal complaints procedures.


10. All content is strictly copyright of ShenSmith Barristers unless otherwise stated, and all rights are reserved.

ShenSmith Barristers is a Trading name of ShenSmith Group (Suite D Astor House, 282 Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield, B74 2UG).