Zero-Hours Contracts for Employers


Zero hours contracts – what has changed?

In relation to zero hours contracts, there will no longer be exclusivity clauses. Now, there is whole discussion and debate in relation to zero hours contracts; that is another discussion for another day. Do contact us if you want advice on zero hours contract.

How do the changes to zero hours contracts affect employers?

But in relation to the current government are going to be doing about that, they’re now going to stop exclusivity clauses, which basically means that you as an employer are now unable to say to a member of the staff that they can not work for anybody else – that they have to effectively to be on call for you.

How do the changes to zero hours contracts affect employees?

As an employee, what it means is that you’re able to have a zero hours contract with many employers, which means that you can work in different places, and you are not waiting for work to come in, and not knowing how to manage your budget. There may be other clauses that within the contract mean that you can’t work for competing organization. So be aware of those, but generally what it means is more flexibility for the employee. And for the employer, you need to really start looking being more committed in terms of the hours and planning more, so that staff can have more predictability.



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