Family and Divorce Matters – a barrister can help


At ShenSmith Barristers, we are currently having a huge influence of Direct Access enquiries with family, divorce, and children matters.

Why is that, we asking ourselves? Well, perhaps, it’s because of the sorts of the instructions that come through. These are particularly suited to Direct Access barristers. The reality is that if you have a legal dispute that involves divorce, family, children breakdown, that you’ll involve a lawyer of some sort. But we’re finding through the people that come through ShenSmith Barristers is that the earlier they do that, the more value we can add to their case moving forward.

The typical line of approach is that we would take some brief details and arrange for a barrister, initially at no cost, to give you a call, or to speak to you via the video link, and establish what stage you are at.

In some circumstances, you’ll have a date of hearing, and that’s quite important because if you need to make sure that you’re including proper advice before going to court, you need to be aware of that.

In many circumstances, we are encouraging people to come to us at an early stage without any hearing date, or even without solicitors. Then that real benefit and added value to you is vital. Many people feel they are emotional attached to divorce cases for obvious reasons. And they don’t feel that they get proper advice from general high street solicitors, and that can well be the case.

Specialist family Direct Access barristers can really cut to the chase and give you an overview very quickly, the likelihood and the potential of getting your case to the stage you want it much quicker and much cheaper. That’s the added value for you.

So you can pick up the phone or you can email us, and we will take your enquiry on a confidential basis to one of our barristers across the country, and further a field to make sure you get real added value with your divorce or child issue. Thank you for listening.