Neighbour building without planning permission?

There are some circumstances, where even though the matter of a planning application has been unsuccessful from your neighbour, they carry on building in any event. Well, a barrister can help you make sure that you’ve got the proper experience to document the process as to why it should be rejected at the first place. But also to help you along the line of seeking enforcement to against them continuing. That may well be on the lines of injunction. And the barrister could represent you, you could represent yourself with his support. But often in those cases, they become very very difficult to manage, if you don’t have the experience from a planning barrister. It may well that be the solution is a strongly worded letter, put together with the planning barrister, which informs the parties who continue to build for whatever reason, the risk to them, should they continue. Often the risk may include significant cost to them, and that they have to through the process stop the building and/or, recover and take down what’s been built. So in some circumstances, the barrister can really help with his experience, ensure the outcome is as you wish it is.