Banking matters and Private Prosecution

We’ve had a huge amount of dialogue and discussion with people affected by banking matters and issues.

So what does that involve?

Well, a whole range of scheme of mis-selling is occurring as you know, through banks. And what we’re putting together now is a team of specialist barristers, particularly QCs, to look at matters at a very early stage. It’s helping people cut the timeline and cut costs, in relation to any potential case they may have against the bank.

How are civil matters linked with private prosecutions?

Furthermore, what we are exploring is the opportunity of private prosecution. In many of the civil cases, what appears to have happened is that there is no outcome easily achieved in a short space of time. So what we are hoping to do over the coming months is put together a scheme and involve specific cases, so that we are taked seriously, not only with your dispute, but also with the courts as to a proper outcome, and giving you access to justice. Often people in these matters are (over many many years) forced into a corner with ‘bully-boy’ tactics, or just stone walling you with no response, or there is lack of response from the solicitors involved.

How do I get started with a private prosecution?

So what we are hoping to do with ShenSmith Barristers is to encourage people to contact us in the first instance. And we can have a clear discussion as to where you are at the matter and allocate it to a suitable barrister for them to talk to you, at no cost initially, just to see where we are at, what solutions we might be able to offer you. It’s tailored, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

How can I fund a private prosecution?

We are also in serious discussions with some of the litigation funders, as to whether they would support your matter moving forward.

So, if you have a matter that you think may interest us, or we can assist you with, just pick up the phone or email us, we will response very quickly, and talk through the options moving forward. Thank you!