Saving emails to PDF? Try Cloud HQ.

When running a business you are bound to end up with a large number of emails which we store securely using Google’s Gmail. Ordinarily, we simply leave these on Google servers until we need to refer to them later. However, occasionally we need to export a large number of emails and save them to PDF so they can be printed in an easy format. This is where I run into a problem, Google does not provide a simple way to export a large number of emails to PDF en masse; it does provide a way of printing a single email chain of emails to PDF but this requires go through each of the steps necessary to print documents so that emails end up in a PDF document suitable for printing.


As with all things technical, I turned to Google to search for a way to do this properly. The first application I came across was a chrome extension by Cloud HQ which seems to provide what I wanted. It was installed successfully within moments and able to set up an account and test out the export function within a matter of minutes. The conversation was printed to a full PDF ready for printing. The next thing I needed to do was isolate email so that they are no longer in conversation view but in a list of emails as and when they arrive so that I can be sure each email is exported individually and not combining several different emails into one PDF document.


Once I had done this I could select all of the emails to or from a given person and, at the click of a button, export them into a PDF, CSV or other option so that I can store them or print them.


I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with Cloud HQ and I wish you the very best in converting your emails to PDF.