Immigration Law Barrister

Legal Advice and Representation for Immigration & Visa matters

We can assist you to appoint counsel for both advice and representation in all areas of Immigration & Visa matters, at every stage of the proceedings.

It is very important that you seek advice at the earliest possible stage, in order that our barristers can help to prepare your case as thoroughly as possible.

If you have a Immigration & Visa claim, please contact us as soon as possible in the process so that we can help you to get a legal opinion from a specialise Immigration & Visa barrister.

If you are making a new visa application, it can be beneficial to obtain legal advice prior to making the application in order to avoid some common mistakes and problems. If you would like to bring your spouse or dependants to live with you in the UK, our immigration lawyers believe in equal and fair representation for all and are happy to assist you with the application to make it as smooth as possible.
If you have been refused a visa, you have a limited time to appeal the decision, depending on where you have applied from. If you applied from within the UK, you normally have 10 working days to submit an appeal to the Tribunal, if you have been given the right to appeal. You may have 28 days to appeal if you have applied from outside of the UK if you have been granted a right of appeal, depending on the method of service. The appeal must be lodged prior to the expiry of this time limit. Contact us today to get swift and expert advice to help guide you through the appeals process to avoid making matters worse, and maximise your chances of a successful appeal.


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