Road Traffic Law Barristers

Are you at risk of losing your driving licence?

ShenSmith Barristers can provide you with a full range of advice and representation regarding road traffic related issues. We can provide specialist advice with regard to ‘totting’ disqualifications and specialise in submissions of exceptional hardship (to avoid disqualification).

Private Road Traffic Offences

    • Speeding Fines
    • Avoiding ‘Totting’ disqualifications
    • Drink Driving — Driving with excess alcohol/drunk in charge/driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs
    • Failing to supply a specimen of breath
    • Driving whilst disqualified
    • Driving without due care and attention or inconsiderate driving / Dangerous Driving / Causing death by Careless Driving/ Causing Death by Dangerous Driving
    • Speeding offences
    • Driving without a licence / Driving without insurance
    • Failing to Stop after an accident / Failing to report an accident
    • Any other road traffic offences

Commercial Driving Offences

For example, offences relating to operators’ licences whether in relation to goods vehicles, private hire vehicles, or, taxis.

  • Tachograph manipulation and offences
  • Breach of construction and use regulations
  • Any other commercial road traffic offences

We can also provide advice and representation for appellants who wish to appeal against conviction and / or sentence in the Crown Court.

Speeding Fines

Speeding fines, in isolation, may not amount to more than a small fine and points endorsed upon your licence. However, if you receive multiple NIPs (Notice of Intended Prosecution) you could find yourself facing far more serious consequences. If you receive more than one NIP, you should contact us to arrange a conference with a road traffic barrister at the earliest opportunity.


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