Ten Top Law Tips!

  1. New laws will ban smoking in cars containing under 18s, coming into force October 2015.
  2. Did you know? Schools are now allowed to hold spare emergency inhalers without a prescription, to keep children with asthma safe at school.
  3. Plans to provide new tax-free childcare for working families in 2015, so they can claim 20% off childcare costs for children under 5.
  4. Controversy over possible legal action to enforce school attendance, to prevent family holidays during term time.
  5. Amended record-keeping, returns and penalty provisions intend to combat false self- employment in service companies 2015.
  6. EU VAT law could lead to many micro-online businesses going bust. They’ll have to pay the VAT from the country of the consumer.
  7. UK’s music industry seeks review of new laws, allowing fans to make copies of legally- purchased music.
  8. Did you know? Since October 2014, employees dismissed due to being a member of the reserve force can pursue a claim immediately.
  9. Plans to exclude exclusivity clauses in contracts that prevent employees with no guaranteed work hours, from working for other businesses.
  10. Supreme Court ruled that Catholic Midwives cannot refuse to assist other nurses in procedures and plans surrounding abortion.