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ShenSmith Barristers provides swift, efficient and cost-effective access to barristers throughout England and Wales.

Introduction to ShenSmith Barristers by barrister Sunil Rupasinha & Co-Founder Jonathan Maskew

About ShenSmith Barristers

ShenSmith Barristers provides marketing, administration and clerking services to public access barristers throughout England and Wales and can access the services of over 3,500 accredited barristers to provide you with expert, cost-effective legal advice and representation over a wide spectrum of law. ( see practice areas )

Whether you are a business or member of the public seeking advice and/or representation directly from a barrister under the Bar’s ‘public access’ scheme, or, you are a solicitor representing a lay client we can help you.

You are not limited by your geographical location and you may instruct a barrister for advice and/or representation from any location and need not always meet your barrister face to face. Meetings can be arranged via secure video-conference using the latest technology by clicking here.

Full Terms of Business can be found by clicking here.

Full details of the Public Access Scheme can be found on the Bar Council’s Public Access page

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Communicating the benefits of direct access to those who are most likely to use the services of barristers, such as SMEs, is vital, which is why it is so encouraging to see innovation at the Bar in pursuing that aim. When research shows that SMEs are more likely to go online to find legal services, initiatives such as this show the Bar is on the right path. The Bar has a rich history of being able to adapt to the market and embrace new ways of working. That clearly remains the case today. Yet this isn’t just about how chambers and barristers market direct access. It is about making it easier for clients to access high quality legal services. The public, businesses and other organisations are the main beneficiaries of direct access.

– Stephen Crowne, Chief Executive of the Bar Council


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Dirk acted for me on a complicated trust of land case and successfully won the case for me due to his in depth knowledge and professional capability. He is also extremely personable and totally dedicated to his work
Alison Middleton