Properties, Savings and Pensions? Finalising divorce?

Divorce is a long and arduous process. It affects the children or the child. There are many things which need to be discussed. The financial situation, the residential home, the income support, pensions, money, contact between child or children. There will be times when the children are in conflict themselves and choose to reside with mother (mum) or father (dad). This can lead to siblings being split or shared custody. The courts will find the best outcome for the children. This will be with the help of CAFCASS and social services.

Properties, Savings and Pensions?

There might be properties involved, this might extend the time of the divorce proceedings. There will be a court decision made to help resolve the dispute over the property. Regardless of how long the marriage was, the rights of a marital partner will remain the same. Trust and land registry documents will need to brought to court to demonstrate who has rights.  Everything will be under scrutiny.

The savings account, the ISA, the mortgage and any other financial matter. These will clearly a matter which will be dissected.

Once the petitioner’s application is finalised there will be a pronouncement hearing. This will be a final announcement of the divorce. This will take place in court. It is important the last steps are completed. All paper needs to filed and approved accordingly.

When instructing a barrister it is important, you find a barrister who has walked through these matters enough times to give you a glimpse into the process. There will be a directions hearing, probably a dispute resolution appointment (DRA), a financial hearing, child contact hearing and non-molestation order. These hearings are designed to organize all the issues that may arise from a divorce

Our specialist barristers will be able to give you legal advice from the beginning to end. Barristers are procedural experts who will give you foresight into what will happen.