“He is abusive to my child”, “She is cruel to my child”, I don’t trust my ex-partner with my child. What should I do?

When a child is between disagreeing parents. It is challenging. It can feel like the child is being torn. It is worrying when all you want is your child to be safe from harm.

If your ex-partner is abusive or cruel. This might impact your child. Abuse is not always physical.  It can be verbal abuse, such as “you are like your mother” or “ you are just like your father”. It can be confusing. However, being told in a negative tone will result in a negative interpretation for the child.

Teddy Bears and Bruises

What Should I do?

Is your child is being abused whilst in your ex-partners custody? You are able to find help. You can contact social service and your local authority.

Getting legal help?

Going to a solicitor can be costly. If you directly instruct the barrister it will be cost-effective. It is not necessary to find a solicitor. As a member of the public, You can directly instruct a barrister.

Our barristers are procedural experts. They will guide you in the process. To securing a brighter future for your child. A barrister can help if you need to adjust your contact order. Nullify the contact order. Change the contact order. Dispute the custody rights. Remove the contact order. Apply for a non-molestation order.

You do not feel safe due to an ex-partner? He has threatened to kill me?

A specialist barrister will be able to walk you through the procedure. They will be able to offer you experienced advice. We have male and female barristers available. Our barristers are independent and self-employed.

The law is here to protect you. The barrister will be able to give you legal advice and give you guidance on how to help you and your child. It could be for a custody dispute or a contact dispute.


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