Instructing a barrister? Why not a solicitor? What do I need to do?

Since 2004, the public can instruct a barrister. A barrister is a procedural expert. They can represent you at court and negotiate on your behalf.

What else can a barrister do?

A barrister can also organise your bundle. They are legally trained, therefore can correspond on your behalf. They can build your case from the start. A barrister knows the law to a high level, they have focused & specialised in a particular area of law. They can offer specialist advice. Barristers cover a wide array of laws ranging from Insolvency Law, Family Law, Crime Law, Immigration Law and Intellectual Property Law.

Here is an extensive list of the Laws our barristers can help you with:

Administrative and Public Law, Clinical Negligence, Contractual Dispute, Criminal Defence, Defamation, Discrimination, Education Law, Election Law, Employment, Family and Relationships, Healthcare, Immigration, Inquest, Insolvency, Insurance, Landlord and Tenant, Legal Cost, Mediation, Military Law, Motoring, Organisation Disputes, Pension, Personal Disputes, Personal Injury, Planning, Private prosecution, Probate, Professional Negligence, Professional Disciplinary, Property and Housing, Small claims, Social security, Will and Trust Tax, Technology, Sports, Licensing and Financial. If you cannot find the area of law you require assistance in please give a call to help find you a solution.

Members of the public, are able to prepare their own bundles, statements, retrieve expert witness statements, correspond to the other side. In most cases, the average person is unaware and end up going to a solicitor. Where this is necessary a barrister would advise. For the able member of the public, they can prepare the necessary bundle, correspondence and request the barrister to review and finalise the bundle. Barristers are there to give you legal advice. When a solicitor needs the merits of a case assessed they generally head towards a barrister to give the merits of the case.

Here at ShenSmith, the barrister is able to offer you guidance in all the areas of the law mentioned. They can give you the legal advice where necessary. Let the barrister build your case and see it through to the end.

Our specialist barristers at ShenSmith can help you with your matter. Call us on 0203 627 9580 or email us at [email protected]



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