12 Questions to Consider: Divorce

Divorce is considered a truly challenging experience. Especially when the marriage has continued for an extended length. It can be truly challenging for the children and others who may be involved. We have compiled a few questions that could be considered When going through a divorce? When finding the divorce process challenging? or When considering getting divorce? Divorce is a difficult and painful. The divorce process is comprehensible and organised with the support of family law barrister. If you need help with any of the questions below, contact us on 0203 627 9580.

  1. What will happen to matrimonial home?
  2. What will happen with the children? (For more information click here)
  3. Have I got to move out? How will the court respond to this?
  4. What will happen with finances?
  5. What about my contributions to the marriage? I have given all my money to the marriage.
  6. What about the money before marriage?
  7. What about my inheritance? Is that considered contributions to marriage?
  8. Where will I get the money to buy my next home?
  9. What about asset’s my partner does not know about?
  10. What about my ex-partners hidden and foreign assets?
  11. Can the U.K courts force my ex-spouse to hand over foreign assets?
  12. When do I need to disclose all my assets? Form E?

The family home is a sacred place for the children. The courts will always want the children’s lives to remain close to the status quo. If you decided to move out, to provide room for your ex-spouse. The courts may see this as you relinquishing the family home.  Moving out may cause problems later. This may lose you, your claim to the family home. It is important the courts see you prioritise the family and the family home.

Can we not sell the family home? In most cases, the courts will again prefer the status quo. So after the division of your assets, the home is divided. The courts may mandate the family home remains for the minority of the children, with one parent until the children have reached maturity.


A common misunderstanding is the mother has more rights. The courts do not favour a gender. The child’s welfare is the main concern (for more information click here).

Contact us on 0203 627 9580. Contact us for legal advice, an independent legal opinion and court representations. Our clerks will be able to help asses your divorce matter & stage of proceedings. Thereafter, they will find you a suitable family law barrister.

A family law barrister is available to provide you with advice on how to proceed and merits of your position. A family law barrister can work on a fixed fee for court representation, bundle preparation, witness statements preparation and for representation at the fact-finding hearing or a dispute resolution appointment.



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