Lawyer, Solicitor, Family Barrister?

We can help with all family related from Legal Advice to Representation for Family matters.

We know how important it is when there may be a child involved or parents disputing over properties. We can arrange, for representation, legal advice or discuss your options for every stage of the proceedings.

The earlier the better is the best policy. Taking counsel from a specialist barrister will guide you to the right path.

If you have a claim or wish to begin a claim, not know wish claim to begin, call us to find the barrister for you.

We can provide access to legal advice on a wide range of family law issues, for example:

Divorce and Annulments

Child Custody Agreements

Child Abduction

Child Vacation Dispute

Contact Order Dispute

Parent Alienation

Child Abuse

Sibling Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Property Ownership Disputes

Wills and Probate

Fostering and Adoption

Power of Attorney


Prenuptial Agreements

Second Marriages

Residence and Childcare

Financial Hearing

First Hearing

Final Hearing

Fact Finding Hearing

Contact a Family Law Barrister

The Royal Courts of Justice

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