Terrorism, Police, Wrongful arrest?

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How can I be affected?

It is possible to be falsely accused, without proper counsel, you may be guided to accept liability for an act you did not participate in. Being part of British society, we benefit enormously on a frequent basis, however, the necessitates instructed police. The police, follow their instructions which coincide with the law. All police and service related are there protect us, when this is done within the guidelines, the police officer or police team can rest assured they followed protocol. Similarly, when a barrister offers legal advice it is important the advice is offered with up to date information and is in the interest of the client and the court. There may be times when a police officer break procedure or protocols set out in order to find a person guilty or not guilty, this is not permitted as the protocols are set up to protect everyone including the police. If evidence is not collected properly, the evidence may be contaminated or altered. This would ask too many questions. If you imagine the fact a barrister is not able to accept travel funds outside of the agreement to avoid challenging their independence. A person representing the crown must remain independent and not personally have a vendetta. If a person, for instance, falls under the category of a terrorist, it must be proven.

What generally constitutes terrorism? What is considered terrorism?

“If a person incites another person to commit an act of terrorism.”

An act of terrorism for example:

  • Murdering
  • Committing homicide
  • Wounding person or persons with intent
  • Poisoning person or persons
  • Causing explosions
  • Endangering life by damaging property
  • Using biological weapons
  • Using Chemical weapons
  • Forging documents
  • Kidnapping
  • Abduction
  • False imprisonment

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What powers do the police have to prevent these offences from occurring?

There is no criminal liability for any person acting on behalf of or holding office under the crown. It is important to understand if a person is representing the interest of the crown, and following the protocols set out by the crown, this person has behaved accordingly and would be liable of criminal liability if this person stepped out of their instructions or their power.

A person who is wrongfully accused or found to be in a position where suspicion arrises over the accused intentions, being in this state does not mean the accused has committed an offence, it is important the accuser has good cause to have the suspicion. It would be reckless and nonsensical for a person representing the crown to step beyond their powers.

The understanding of our society, we are all free and do all freely willing. If one has been accused of a horrific act, such as, inciting an act of war, terrorism, murdering, committing homicide, wounding person or persons with intent, poisoning person or persons, causing explosions (bombs), endangering life by damaging property, kidnapping, abduction & false imprisonment then it is important the act is prevented. However, it is possible the intelligence behind the possible act is disputable and in some case untrue. As a free society, we need to be able to live without duress. Potential victims of a malignant need to be protected, equally, the accused needs to be accurately assessed to make sure the truth is uncovered.


It does happen, it is in your right to find independent counsel. If it is a matter of proving innocence, then seek a specialist barrister to uncover the truth. If the method of accusing the person was achieved outside the scope of the crown then this needs to be reviewed by a specialist barrister.


The barrister’s code of conduct mandates, they remain independent. A barrister is generally self-employed and will remain independent. This is a great aspect of our legal system. With an independent, specialist barrister representing you, when the method or actions are taken to assessing your stature, as a possible terrorist, or criminal it will be important an independent barrister is by your side to uncover the truth.

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