Fixed Fees: Road Traffic & Motoring Offences – Receive Advice and Representation £500 + VAT

Our barristers specialise in this area. They cover all road traffic and motoring offence. From speeding, going through a red light, to driving without insurance.

Receiving legal advice when you have been caught drink driving or drug driving is important. Call us immediately. Our specialist road traffic or motoring offence barrister will focus on guiding you to the best possible outcome.

With years of experience. When we say they specialise. The lawyer will be an expert in the road traffic or motoring offence.

This could mean being stopped and searched, whilst being under the influence of drugs. Going through a red-light then being pulled over. This could mean failing to provide a specimen when requested.

Being innocent or guilty will still mean you need legal advice. Without proper counsel, the best possible outcome may not be reached.

What a specialist lawyer will provide is clear. The procedural route will be outlined and then you will be provided the options will be suitable for your individual situation. Why each case makes a difference. The small difference can change a case.

What happens when you receive your notice of intended prosecution (NIP)?

Once you receive your notice. First, decide. Do you want to refuse the intended prosecution? Or mitigate the intended prosecution?  What you will discover very quickly is. The decision needs to be made within days. For a speeding offence, they must notify you within 14 days of the incident. How will this impact me? Well, seeking legal advice from a specialist needs to be immediately in order to avoid any delay in response.

Once you have decided how you either to proceed. If you decided to go to court, you will need to have a conference with a barrister. Where you be advised on how to respond. Thereafter, they will notify with a hearing date in the magistrate’s court.

For the fixed fee of £500  + VAT. One of our specialist barristers will advise you in a conference and represent you at the magistrates.

The benefit of going directly to the barrister. Is evident when you consider. The person advising you will be standing in court with you. The barrister is the advocate. The procedural expert. Find the right barrister with us.

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