The right barrister? Benefits of Direct Access

Public access is a great tool for the average person. When a person requires legal advice. The limitations are prevalent. It could be due to cost. It could be due to the unknown. The average person may not be aware. The process to find the right barrister is easier then ever. With Public access any person can instruct a barrister. No longer limited to a solicitors firm. A public access barrister can be approached by the average person.

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Why the change?

When the average person requires legal advice. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. Frightened by the thought of going to a barrister. The public access scheme is designed for the average person. Now you can have brief chat with a barrister before committing. No need to feel trapped and limited.

There are a number methods to find a barrister. The market for barristers is growing. Once a barrister has completed the Direct Access Course, they are trained to the highest level. To deal with a member of the public.

Direct Access Barristers? How do I approach a barrister?

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There are a number methods. Barristers, generally have a clerk. Their clerk will be able to take the relevant details. With the relevant details. The clerk will be able to organise an introductory call. The introductory call will be a chance to discuss the issue at hand. No commitment. No cost.

Case Building? Preparing for Court? Can the barrister help me like a solicitor?

Yes. The barrister can offer legal advice from the start to finish. Yes. The barrister can prepare for court. Yes. The barrister can litigate and submit documents to court.

The BAR is growing and evolving. Our barristers are at the front. They are leading and evolving with the BAR. ShenSmith Barristers and others are working to bring the barristers to the public.

How Can I Trust the Barrister?

Speaking to the barrister before anything. It is scary. Especially when spending so much money. Call one of specialist clerks. The clerks will take the relevant details from you. Once they have the important information. They will be able to organise an introductory call. The barrister is loyal to the courts. They are trained to resolve cases.

Speak to the barrister. Learn about their experience. Be surprised to learn of their experience.

Barristers are procedural experts. They will be able to provide potential scenarios. Perhaps you had not thought of. This comes with experience and know-how.

The direct access structure was designed to make barristers more accessible. Contact us to find the right barrister.

Our specialist barristers at ShenSmith can help you with your matter. Call us on 0203 627 9580 or email us at [email protected]

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