Family, Child Contact, Children want to live with me?

We at ShenSmith Barristers would be able to provide initial advice for a fixed fee of £75 + VAT.

When is it necessary to seek advice?

Recently we had a client call really concerned his daughters were going to be forced live with their mother. The mother was unaware until the morning they decided to tell the daughters. The daughters silently agreed to reside with the mother. However, they privately informed the father of their wishes.

What happens to the family home? What if the mother would like to keep the property but the children want to live with the father?

A big question which most asks, will I need to go to court? Will my children be dragged through court?

We at ShenSmith Barristers will be able to provide you with initial advice. Provide us with a short summary so the barrister can read it and then advise in you over the telephone. We could arrange a telephone call today.

Legal advice is more than just telling you the position. It is guidance on your specific issue. The lawyer will provide you with an inside understanding of what may happen with all your “if’s” and “do’s”.

Knowing what are your rights. What procedures and processes will be involved. What are your prospects? These solutions will provide you with a reassurance of your position.

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