Top Ten Questions to Consider: Caught Drink Driving, Can a barrister represent me?

“I was pulled over for drink driving” or “I was caught speeding, whilst drink driving”. These are serious offences. This can be detrimental to anyone. It could affect your job. It could affect your mortgage. It could affect your family. Imagine the seriousness of the offence. The whole process itself can be daunting. Where to begin? When we speak with barristers. They immediately draw out the first questions that one should consider.

Top Ten Questions: I was caught Drink Driving

  1. When did the incident occur?
  2. Was anyone with you?
  3. Were you drinking in the vehicle?
  4. Was anyone harmed?
  5. Where did the incident occur?
  6. What happened when you were pulled over?
  7. Was there a reason for you being pulled over?
  8. Did they breathalyse you?
  9. Did you receive the Breathalyser result?
  10. Have you received a notice?

What to do next? Have you spoken to a Lawyer? Can you speak to a barrister?

The most common misguided assumption is “I need a solicitor”. Well, in truth, not always. In some case never.

Can a barrister deal with my case? Can a barrister represent me?

When we receive initial calls from prospective clients. We very quickly realise the limited understanding. People tend to want a barrister but not sure if they can. With a Direct Access Barrister. For example Stephen Harvey QC. He could represent you and provide you with conference before any hearing. When you discuss this with a barrister you very quickly realise the facts and the prospects.

A barrister can take your case from beginning to end. If you need to respond to any notice. This could include the Notice of Intended Prosecutions (NIP). With Direct Access Barristers, you will be speaking to one of our experienced clerks. Who will take the most important details from you. Once this has been done. The barrister will be able to make an assessment. This could lead to an introductory call.

The Barrister can deal with the case. This would be the initial conference to prepare for the hearing or to draft a response. It will be the same barrister who will be able to represent you at the hearing.