Family issues, Thinking of Divorce and Custody of Children? Get experienced legal advice

Thinking of Divorce?

Filing for divorce is very difficult and tough. As a result child custody the (child care) becomes a problem. One parent may become the resident single parent for the child. Divorce is a long process. Husband and wife can quickly become estranged. There will be a directions hearing for a specific issue. Possibly a review hearing. CAFCASS reports to asses. Perhaps a Scott Schedule (Schedule of allegations) to review. Resulting in financial remedies need be discussed.

Divorce Divorce Divorce :(

Our lawyers will be able to advise anyone considering or filing for divorce. Experienced lawyers will assess your situation to help you move forward. Be it filing for divorce. Figuring out what to do? Answering questions such as: Child custody battles? Am I entitled to maintenance? What happens with tax credits or benefits? What happens to our property?


Family Issues?

With all family matters there are so many considerations. Mental health of parents and children. Potential child abuse, domestic violence, child arrangements, social worker visits. Even the simple things like how to get to the families court? Divorce is challenging. The parents wishes and feeling is important. This could be sole custody, family therapy and shared parenting. As a result the lawyer will advise you on the best apporach.

If for whatever reason the relationship sours between two parents. It is important they seek legal advice from an expert. Our lawyers are experienced and readily available to provide expert legal advice. If a single parent fears for the child protection. One parent is physically abusive, emotionally abusive and causes significant harm. Another parent may be domestic abuser may have been sexually abused, struggle with substance abuse then seek advice from a lawyer. For supervised contact with parents there are contact centres for this.

Why seek advice early? Court decisions matter.

In cases, where a non-resident parent has a new home with step-children. The non-resident parent’s child may find it a difficult adjustment. The relationship with the child may feel like an extended family. The resident parent may not have adjusted to the new family. If mum or dad make false allegations against each other. Leading to misinformation and inaccurate portrayals of the non-resident parent. With the intention of causing friction between child and the single parent. Not considering the impact for the child. Who will be questioning their position in the newly formed family. Parent alienation is common. It is the parental responsibility to take prohibitive steps to prevent parent alienation. If the resdient single parent is causing parent alienation. Then a dispute resolution appointment will be need.

Childs life?

In the case when a child visits the non-resident parent where they meet a step-sibling. As children do, they may not get along. The child complains to the resident parent of name calling. How much of the claim is true? If the child feel as though the non-resident parent no longer loves or cares. Then a fictional story is possible. However, it does not help if the resident parent has poisoned the mind of the child by alienating non-resident parent. It is hard if any child who is surrounded by false information. If the child is manipulated to believe the non-resident parent is less interested and cares more for the step-sibling. The non-resident parent would accuse the resident parent of “your turning the kid against me”. This is where a divisive and experienced barrister (Lawyer) will pay dividends. If a child is subject to bullying by a new step-sibling. Then it would be important for a fact-finding hearing to discuss and provide evidence. A fact finding hearing is similar to a trial.

Fact Finding hearing?

A fact finding hearing will attempt to find the truth. The court hearing in the families court is the court process. The child care is important. Whether the child is being misled, neglected or mistreated. Neglect may lead to the childs alienation. The hearing is to find the underlying issues the child has or any other issues there could be. The earlier an experienced lawyer is introduced. The more advice and guidance the lawyer will be able to offer. All the way to the final hearing. The results will be legally binding.

Neglecting the children? Intractable disputes?

In cases where a parent is poisoning the child’s mind. They are causing more harm. As they are not comprehending the complexity of the issues the child is going through. The child is not sure, what is expecting from them. They lose confidence in the legal system to resolve disputes fairly. They abandon any attempt to self reflect to for change. As a parent who seeks legal advice from an experienced barrister will immediately value the wealth of knowledge. We are all humans, sometimes it takes another human to help you see pain of others. This is where dispute resolutions appointments pay dividends. This is the court process and is part of the legal system.

The neglect of any child can lead to intractable disputes. Which could lead to the child being in the cross fire. Normally intractable dipsutes arise due to illness of child or resident parent, unavailability of contact centre for supervised contact, date errors, weather or travel these are comprehendable for the child. As opposed to when it becomes intractable due to allegations. Then cross-allegations with no care for the child. Leading to bias and harm. This can be poisoning & manipulating. The child may hear these statements. Accusations of poisoning the child to resent non-resident parent. The resident parent accusing the non-resident parent of failing to listen to the child or lacking commitment. The divorce becomes more of a burden for the child. An experienced barrister (lawyer) will be able to help you through these issues.

The child is divided by the parents. Alienated children generally are more at risk. They need to be treated with more care as to avoid being used as pawns in a chess match. A legal expert will not only offer you their advice but will offer you options. They can help you better protect your child or children. One parent may wish for sole custody or discuss shared parenting options.

How can we help?

Our barristers are experienced with divorce proceedings, financial disputes, directions hearings, child custody (child care) and financial remedy matter. They are able to walk you through each step of this lengthy process. All the way through to the final hearing. Our lawyers will get you a legally binding result. In family matters, there may be emotional abuse, physical abuse or significant harm. Prohibitive steps can be taken with the wishes and feeling of the parent.

When you have decided the only option left is divorce, seek advice. Be it for a specific issue. The earlier the better, to avoid making unforeseeable errors and to avoid causing harm to your child or children.

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