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As a self employed business owner, the benefits outweigh the challenges. But with anything, regardless of how challenging it is. The ability to rely on experienced advice, to walk you through problems whenever you may face them. Lawyers (Barristers) are there to advise you on issues arising. Businesses (located in England and Wales) in the public sector or a limited company such as Wholesalers, Recruitment agency, IT consulting firms, Stationery distributors, Medical suppliers, Transport companies, Logistic companies, Art dealers, Construction companies, Garden centres, Entertainment companies, Publishers, Catering companies, Insurers, E-commerce owners, eBay sellers, and Amazon sellers. Our commercial lawyers and corporate lawyers will advise on disputes, contracts and discriminatory matters for our all our clients businesses.

There are number of companies that can take advantage of experienced legal advice including local businesses owners such as a Hotels, Property management companies, Car garages, Used car dealers, Car dealers, Travel agencies, Electricians, Dentist, Phone dealers, Antique dealers, Childminders, Childcare providers, Private medical consultants, Conveyors, Designers, Architects, Insolvency practitioners, Estate agents, Financial advisers & Accountants.

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Managing any business has its problems, relying on people to do their jobs, suppliers delivering on time, employees accepting responsibility, following up to date regulations, advertising and dealing with bad reviews. There are many problems with running your own business. It is for this reason relying on an experienced lawyer to give you advice when you need it. They can help with commercial contracts, wage disputes, IR35 statuses, IR35 contracts or IR35 investigations, public statement reviews, tax enquiries (tax enquiry), debt recovery, written contract reviews, breach of contract, dispute resolution, commercial disputes, intellectual property, professional negligence and any false accusations or untrue claims (bad reviews). If a lawyer prevents a contract dispute due to making a thorough written contract, this will save you money.

Any employee would like to be able to work within the regulations. As a business owner in the public sector or not. Keeping up to date with regulations is important. An experienced lawyer will help any business owner in legal disputes.

Staying up to date?

Business owners in England and Wales, request their contracts to be reviewed by experienced lawyers. With contract reviews, it is important the contract is in full compliance with the law. If an employee or a former employee accuses the business owner of sexual harassment or discrimination. These are serious accusations. Experienced legal advice is important from the beginning. Our lawyers will be on hand to give you the much-needed advice.

As a self employed business owner, the comfort of knowing there is a legal expert ready to give them the experienced legal advice is comforting. When issues arising for example commercial disputes, professional negligence or breach of contracts it is important you have experienced lawyers at hand.

Any business owner such as a hotel, restaurant, shop, office, landlord, barbershop, dry cleaners, accountants, consultant services, builders, plumber, recruitment agency, medical suppliers, debt recovery. electricians, designers, architects, insolvency practitioners, estate agents, financial advisers, furnitures, used car dealers, farmland owners, transport companies, logistic companies, private medical consultants, dentist, legal practitioners legal service providers, stationery distributors, IT consultants, phone dealers, car garages, car dealers, antiques dealers, art dealers, childminders, child care providers, garden centres, private tutors, book shops, publishers, catering companies, entertainment companies, gym owners, party planners, instructors, insurers, travel agencies, holiday agencies, e-commerce owners, ebay sellers, amazon sellers, wine distributors, wine sellers, and any business owner who needs a lawyer (barrister) should get in contact for all their legal solutions.

How can we help?

As a private business owner with a limited company or not. All businesses need to be able to manage any legal issue and be prepared to do so. Contact us if you want a one-stop legal business solution. Our lawyers will advise the areas of law you need. A simple phone conference to discuss problems, from contracts, dispute or discriminatory matters. Our lawyers can offer experienced advice on contract disputes, commercial contracts, dispute resolution, IR35 statuses, IR35 contracts or IR35 investigations, tax enquiries, and written contract reviews.

Our clients businesses are priority If you need a contract reviewed feel free to give us a call. We will find you a lawyer to keep you within the law and protected. If any dispute arises contact us. An experienced lawyer will be available to guide you.[email protected]/32494960810/in/photolist-RvtaK1-kMZTsP-S69wcT-gWpqnR-aDxHTw-hijMoV-mJp1fL-c633As-gWoAdM-kUi9KF-jC8m59-mJoh4w-jBPtsT-jQPXv6-mJn2jT-jQP9bP-gWoCiP-dyReRu-6o6Jmq-jADJp3-gWovwG-5qhbgd-jQPrd2-o2JB46-VqRPZc-dtfkKV-Y8bzvP-ncFSrQ-98jdo1-eXmrgY-hXnict-ncFBMM-dtfkCF-24ZFJL4-3XqMYg-2AN9X1-ncFPBZ-ncFDKe-eX9XCZ-pEa7vr-hXmMnE-dtfvW3-ojhTzR-5ZuauN-bYrHXU-hXmoUV-nuduWS-hXnhu6-pEt6uU-bYrJJu

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