Wills, Trusts and Probate

We can assist you with legal advice, guidance and support  both advice and representation in all areas of wills, trusts and probate matters, at every stage of the proceedings.

It is very important that you seek advice at the earliest possible stage, in order that our barristers can help to prepare your case as thoroughly as possible.

If you have a wills, trust or probate issue, please contact us as soon as possible in the process so that we can help you to get a legal opinion from a specialist wills, trust and probate barrister.

Some of the areas we can assist you with include

  • Inheritance claims and disputes
  • Preparing wills and trusts
  • Contesting wills including placing caveats to prevent matters proceeding to probate
  • Issues around undue influence including elderly and vulnerable individuals
  • Removal or replacement of personal representatives, trustees, executors or administrators
  • Powers of attorney
  • Estate planning
  • Negligence claims involving estates and wills

Protecting your assets, planning for your future, planning what happens to your estate, looking after your children, reducing your tax liabilities.
It all seems so complicated. All too often we push it to the back of our minds as it just seems easier that way. We can take the pain out of the exercise and give you peace of mind: we will provide you with an experienced barrister to sort out your affairs and advise you how best to achieve your aims, ensuring your future is protected, and at a reasonable cost.

We are well aware of the difficult circumstances in dealing with the loss of a loved one and sorting out the will and probate matters can often be an expensive and complicated struggle. It doesn’t have to be that way, we provide a team of specialist barristers who can provide you with the very best advice as to how best deal with issues you face. All fees are fixed and are provide to you in advance of any work undertaken so that you can clearly understand the cost to you and the estate as appropriate.

If you need help with a will or probate matter, call today for a fixed-fee quote on 0203 627 9580

If you are considering writing a will, wish to amend an existing will, or if someone has died and you require guidance and legal advice with the will and probate then we can assist you. Our specialist team can provide you with fixed fees so that you know exactly what the costs are.

In some circumstances you may wish to contest a will on the basis it is unfair or you believe that it was influenced in some way. There has been a recent increase in will’s being challenged on the basis of “Undue Influence” by a sibling or other relative and have not been mentioned in a will and where there is not a will at all.

Our specialist barristers can provide the very best advice as to the solutions to challenge or dispute a will and where appropriate guide through the process and prevent assets from being distributed.

In the event of others claiming they are entitled to part of the estate or you discover that the will has been changed or altered without your knowledge or close to the time of death then seeking legal advice from one of our specialist barrister’s at the earliest opportunity can often prevent the risk of a lengthy and expensive court battle.
Many of the clients we provide legal advice for require guidance and advice for estate planning and this can be a simple as ensuring you have a will. In our experience many need to ensure that personal, family and business affairs are considered both when you are alive and equally when you pass away.
Where appropriate, the team can advice and draft powers of attorney and guide you with the planning of your estate.