I have been caught speeding, I need my license for work, who can help me? Get specialist legal advice

Speeding has become a common offence. It has been reported the revenue for the Treasury receipted from the funds provided from the offence contributes to government expenditure.

Your reasons for speeding may vary, you were probably running late for a meeting, school run and the children were causing delay after delay and your on your last warning with the school, it might have been too sunny and you didn’t notice your speed, you lost track of time needed to be somewhere important. The argument which you probably might need to use “it is unfair” will not be acceptable.

Caught Speeding?

Can you avoid a ban driving at over 100 mph? When you have been caught speeding, the first thought might be the fines are ridiculous and unfair? The problem remains you were caught. The argument of “unfair” will not help at this point. The camera technology used to check on you whilst driving is becoming more sophisticated and high tech. The use of this technology is found on smart motorways, average speed check zones and where there are roadworks.

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What sentence will I receive?

In truth, there are laws in place to protect you from being extorted by the courts. However, the fine will be set accordingly. The minimum penalty for speeding remains a £100 and 3 points on your license. This is an automated process and you will eventually receive a letter in the post, it can take up to 6-months on some occasions. There are some people who may be fortunate enough to be mandated to attend a speeding awareness course along with a fine nevertheless you will be avoiding the 3 points.

For those of you who drive for a living, you might need to drive for 1-hour every day for work or you even might be a taxi driver. The risk of losing your license is not acceptable and will result in a loss of income. How will you be able to mitigate to save your licence? This is where a specialist barrister who will be able to come and give you legal advice on the facts and give you an insight into your options. No one can promise you a one-stop solution, but seeking advice will pay dividends. 

I don’t agree with the speeding ticket?

In some case a person may want to dispute the offence, however, the legal advice provided by a barrister who specialises in this law will be able to guide you to the best outcome.

If there is any room to prove doubt over the questionable offence, then it will become huge subject matter. This is where a focused and experienced barrister will provide you legal advice.

If there are any mistakes, incorrect information or the equipment used at the time of the offence was not calibrated to perfection then a specialist barrister will be able to weigh in to represent you. Even if the signs for speed limits signs were not completely clear, only a barrister who deals with these matters on a day to day basis will be able to identify this instantly.

If you choose to represent yourself this may be a cost-effective choice at the time of making the decision, however, if you do not fully understand the law and you are not aware of any variables within the law the magistrate’s judges will be able to give you the maximum punishment. It is a common occurrence where people during the appeal stage search for the barrister, however, it is more effective to attain the specialist services of a barrister from the beginning. If you lose your license when you are unable to work for a period of 6-months. The cost of a barrister will seem minuscule.

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