Magistrates Court, Criminal only?

Magistrates (Criminal)

The magistrates is primarily for criminal matters. Crimes are generally under three categories:

  • Summary
  • Indictable
  • Triable either way (Offences)

Summary offences are trialled in a Magistrates courts. Other crimes even though they are not summary offences are still possible to be trialled in Magistrates.

Magistrates (Family Matters)

The magistrates can hear civil cases if they fall under the following:

  • Matrimonial matters
  • Guardianship
  • Adoption
  • Child Support cases

Appeals from the magistrates court in family matters will be taken to the Divisional Court. The judges will be composed from the Family Division.

Why go direct to a barrister?

Our barristers are vastly experienced practitioners who deal with criminal matters of all varieties.

If you have been a victim of crime or have been suspected of committing a crime, It is really important that you speak to a barrister in a conference as soon as possible. Speaking to a barrister will help you to asses your matter effectively and quickly.

A barrister can walk you through the process that is required in your criminal matter, for example, being wrongly accused, wrongly sentenced or a victim of abuse or attacks (verbal or physical). In all criminal matters, any time that is wasted can lead to potential problems. You can take action by means of written opinion from the barrister or even a letter directly from the barrister to other party outlining the possible action ahead them.

Our barristers range from Queen’s counsel barristers (QC), 15 years call senior barristers, 10 – 15 years barristers, to under 10 years call. We aim to provide the most thorough and informative solutions. By investing in a direct and secure conference with a barrister, you will get the much needed and valuable information to assist your case.