10 Questions to Consider: Child Arrangements

Child Arrangements go hand in hand with a Child’s Welfare. Reading the Children’s Act of 1989 will give you a good guide. We have summarised 10 Questions to consider when seeking child arrangements, applying for a child arrangement order, or going through child arrangements or wish to have an idea what it involves. The courts have a duty to determine the best outcome for a child. The following will help with child arrangement questions.

Questions to Consider:

  1. How will the arrangements affect the child’s upbringing?
  2. Would the child welfare be affected by the arrangements?
  3. Are you asking for too much in the child arrangements? the court must regard the facts that any delay is not helpful and rather detrimental to the child welfare.
  4. How will your involvement improve your child’s welfare? Will it affect your child’s stability in their own life?
  5. Are you considering the feelings of your child?
  6. Will your child be receiving suitable needs such as a stable home?
  7. Will you be there for your child emotional needs as well as their educational needs?
  8. Will the child arrangements leave your child with any risk or sufferings?
  9. Will the child arrangements be fulfilling all the needs of the child?
  10. Am I offering the best child arrangements for my child? Would they be better off with other arrangements?

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