Sunil Rupasinha | Barrister


Year of call: 1983

Sunil was called to the Bar in 1983 and has extensive experience across a wide range of criminal work. He practised for approximately 25 years in sets of chambers in London where he both defended and prosecuted in courts ranging from Magistrates’ Courts to the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Sunil started his criminal practice in Magistrates’ Courts where he used to prosecute court lists, including road traffic cases, for the Crown Prosecution Service. Within a relatively short period he was placed on the Attorney General’s ‘C’ list of prosecution advocates. Thereafter he was also instructed to prosecute for HMRC, the Department of Work and Pensions and for other government agencies.

Over the years he built a reputation for the meticulous preparation of cases and first class advocacy. Consequently, he was promoted from the ‘C’ list to the ‘B’ list and then to the ‘A’ list of prosecuting advocates. At this level he would routinely be instructed to prosecute grave and complex cases including frauds (VAT, mortgage, benefits, employee), importation and exportation cases of prohibited goods (from drugs to firearms), public order offences (riot, affray etc), offences of violence (assaults, causing grievous bodily harm with intent etc), and, dishonesty offences (theft, burglary, robbery etc). As an independent barrister he would also appear on behalf of the defence in a similar range of cases. Therefore, Sunil is highly experienced across a wide spectrum of criminal law.

As a qualified Public Access barrister, Sunil has, in recent years, specialised in defending road traffic cases defending motorists and companies facing road traffic prosecution. Many years of practice in heavyweight crime make Sunil the perfect advocate to bring his experience to bear upon the intricacies and complexities of road traffic law so as to defend motorists and companies facing road traffic prosecution. Sunil has helped literally hundreds of motorists to save their licenses and keep their lives on track. If you would like his experience and ability brought to bear in defence of your interests contact us today.

Client Testimonials:

I have known and instructed Mr Rupasinha for many years. He is a very able and experienced criminal advocate. He has always made a very good impression with my clients especially after they have seen him perform in court. He is an outstanding cross-examiner (I have witnessed this for myself), is as sharp as a tack, and, is very good indeed at taking technical points. In fact, if I were a member of the public, who found myself being prosecuted for a road traffic matter, I would ask Mr Rupasinha to represent me.
Hockam Salhan
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