Small Claims? From filing the claim to representing you in court, We offer a fixed fee!

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A small claim can be tedious and time-consuming. There may be single parties versus many parties or it could be a single person versus another person.

Reasonable offer?

The claimant and the respondent. Before filing a claim it is important you try to settle. This would entail making a reasonable offer or accepting a reasonable offer. It is always advised to keep emotion out of it. The purpose of going to court is to get a final resolution. However, on this journey, you may find one party has accepted their position. In accepting their position they no longer wish to build cost. The cost associated. In all civil claims, there will be the point where the cost will be discussed. This point generally is once a reasonable offer has been made.

  • How valuable of a claim is it.? 
  • What is will this claim achieve?
  • Is this emotional?
  • When to file a claim?
  • Does my claim have a value?

These are some of the potential questions a person considering filing a claim may consider.

Filing a claim?

You might be confident about your claim. You may be distracted by a few details of the claim. Seeking initial legal advice will assist in understanding your position. What direction to take and how to proceed.

Have you filled in your Questionnaire?

Filling in the question can simple and complicated. In filling in the questionnaire it is important you spend time ensuring it is correct. A specialist barrister can guide you and provide you with the optimal procedural guidance.

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Our specialist barrister will be able to coordinate your claim, from the beginning. Regardless of the stage of proceedings, our specialist barristers will be able to guide you through this small claim. Our barristers can prepare written advice or advice inc conference call now to organise.

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