Found Guilty for Assault in the Magistrates, Can a Barrister help me with the appeal?

It is a similar story. It is a rare occurrence. When the notice comes through the door. The reality hits. “Going to Court”. This shock really does shake the system. I have spoken with a number of clients. The impact it can have is phenomenal. In some cases, a person does not even recognise themselves.

The usual thing to do is take the free assistance. Legal Aid. In the instance where a person believes in their innocence. It is unlikely they will seek a specialist barrister. Why would a person who feels they are being cheated head down this path?.

What the first issue a prospective client will over step is the cost. Why pay for help? When it is freely available? The problem is if a prospective client chooses to seek legal aid and it does not materialise and win. It will mean a loss and possibly a criminal record. In many instances. A criminal record will result in the loss of a job. The magistrates on occasion will require guilty parties to wear an electronic tracking device. This can lead to a huge problem. Especially if you work in a public role.

In some cases, the prospective accepts his part of the blame. Which is admirable. However, this can result in harsher sentences. This is where being represented by a specialist barrister. Can change the whole dynamic. Being able to fully argue the interest of their clients. Is what a specialist barrister is trained and experienced in.

“I have been found guilty in the magistrate. I want to appeal the decision.”

It is becoming more and more common. Persons found guilty in the magistrates realise. Their initial mix-up. Going to a solicitor. There are specialist solicitors who will be able to case build and find you a suitable barrister. What I discovered after speaking with them. They were not aware they can go directly to a barrister. Once they discover this they are dumbfounded. It is my experience for some cases more effective to go to a barrister for a criminal case. A barrister can have a conference with you. Help prepare the bundle and represent you at the hearing. Due to the lack of awareness of Public Acces. People will head to the solicitors.

Recently. I have had conversations with individuals who have been found guilty in the magistrates. Then, they went directly to the barrister. Thye managed to be cleared in the crown court.

A barrister will be able to tell you the truth and prospects.

What to do? I was not guilty of what they found me guilty of.

It is important to find a barrister who will be able to advise you. A barrister to represent you in court. Prepare the appeal. The entire process can take some time.