Are Female Barristers Better at Family Cases?

I have been working with Female Barristers and Male Barristers. In all types of cases. Criminal Cases. Civil Cases. Small Claims Cases. Family Cases. Child Arrangements Cases. There are times when a person calls seeking the help of a barrister. It could be for family case or criminal. The whole aim is presenting the argument in the way they want and think is best. Ideally getting their client a result they seek.

Legal advice can take many forms. This could mean one barrister may prefer to prepare advice and deliver it to a person talking to them in a conference. Other barristers may choose to prepare advice by writing in a legal opinion. This in my experience does not sway one gender or the other.

Are Male Barristers able to handle family cases?

There is a notorious theory a woman barrister can deal with family case better. In my opinion the approach of barrister is important. However, it is important to find a barrister you feel comfortable with. The years of experience will make a huge difference. The way they want to guide you. Getting their clients what they think is best is sometimes the best for the client. When a client is asking for too much. In my opinion it requires a stern barristers to explain to the client why being too ambitious will lead to a lesser result or nothing due to being unreasonable.

Female Barristers will relate more to my case?

The reality is gender stereotypes are no truer amongst barristers. All barristers are the same. One barrister may be empathetic and another may be calculated. The results will depends on too many variables.

I always suggest, if unsure that is. To speak to the barrister before instructing them.

Some barristers are able to provide an outline of their experience so you will understand how they will treat your matter.

I regularly manage cases where male barristers deal with family cases. They achieve outstanding results.