How can a company barrister help your company grow?

Human Resources (HR)

Our company barrister will be able to review your HR policies. Have a deep conversation about what your company’s ethos is. They can thereafter provide you with reviewed procedures to create a suitable policy.

They understand each company will have their own method and vision. They would like to tailor your procedures to demonstrate your ideas.

They can assist in designing your company policies. It is in any companies interest to have coercive policies in place to protect the organisation.

The company barrister covers all areas, from contracts of employment, a company handbook, and job descriptions.

We can assist with all company press releases and correspondence. This is where legal advice will guide decisions to grow your company with specialist advice.

Controlled Exits?

With any growing organisation. It is important to manage employee relations. It can be a smooth transition when an employee decides to exit or are surplus to requirements. There will be times when the transition requires more attention. This is where a company barrister can assist in the transition phase. The company barrister will prepare statements and advice for extraordinary situations.

The company barrister can provide advice in employee conduct. Where an employee may have been accused of sexual misconduct. It is important the employee, the victim and the company seek immediate legal advice.

Other areas where the company barrister will be providing legal advice could include absentee employees or improper conduct.

Employee Safety?

In any business, the employee’s safety must be a pre-thought. Injuries sustained in the workplace may require the attention of a legal specialist. The company barrister will be able to advise you in advance of any incidents and their implications.

Validate your management process

In some cases, companies struggle with growth due to variation in leadership and directions. The company barrister can co-create a leadership style that suits you and provides you with legal comfort.

Our barristers are business specialist. This combination of knowledge will be useful in shaping your companies future. The company barrister can design templates for employee relation management & internal issue resolutions from conflict or mis-management. The barrister can also provide correspondence oversight. This will be a cost-effective measure to avoid further issues down the road.