Can a Barrister write a Will?

When it comes to drawing a Will. There are so many things to consider? What will you be leaving behind? What is is you wish to do with your personal belongings? What do you wish to do with your jewellery? What would you like do with your Assets?

There are a few of questions need to be asked and thought out.

The first thought by many is where do I begin? Well, the first step, gather your own thoughts. What do you own? what do you partially own? What belongings do you want to be given away?

Who gets what?

The main questions will be ironed out when you have a conference with the barrister. The barrister can write a will for you. There is a structure involved in preparing a will. All Lawyers generally follow this structure. The more preparation you do. this will make this an easier process.

Why would I prefer to go to Barrister when making a Will?

Making a will requires a certain level of independence. There are many instances where a person may assist a family member when preparing a Will. Imagine if there was ay bias in preparing a Will. Imagine your will is contested after your death? Having a barrister prepare a Will, will reduce the chance of this happening.

What if I prepare my own Will?

There is a lot of information out there to guide you in preparing a Will. The whole process may seem relatively easy and simple. The problem you will face is if the language in the will. If it is obscure or the Will is not executed the way you wished. Ultimately the benefits of going to the Barrister for preparing your Will. Will ensure your last testament is enacted as you wished.

Benefits of going Barrister Directly:

A specialist barrister will be able to prepare your Will for approximately £500 + VAT to £1000 + VAT. Now if you were to consider the proportional value of your property. If your estate or property was valued £100,000. It will take approximately 1% of the value of your property.

With a Will, there are so many factors which need to clear. Nothing left to scrutiny. The simplest things can cause a Will to crumble. Forgetting to sign the will, not making the necessary changes or adjustments. In truth, if after your passing you did not achieve what you wanted it will be a trauma for your loved ones. All contingencies must be thought of.

With a self-made Will. Any obscurity will cause confusion possibly leading to a conflict. With a specialist barrister, it will alleviate this concern.

What you might misunderstand? or Mis-Calculate? Imagine you do not think of other possibilities. For example, someone dies before you, outliving your progeny. you sell a property. Any diiference from you Will. Can lead to your Will beoming invalid or at least partially invalid.