Can a barrister represent me at court without a solicitor?

Barristers who are Public Access Qualified or Direct Access Qualified can be instructed without the need of a third party.

This could be for a Family Case, Civil Case or Criminal Case. Most people I speak to are unaware or assume you need a Solicitor to the get things moving. From my experience I have found. For people who are starting or beginning a new claim. Be it for a child arrangements order or appealing a decision. A specialist Barrister can provide you with legal advice and assist with any necessary submissions for example claim forms, bundles or particulars of claim.

What does this mean for me? I have instructed a solicitor?

If you have instructed a Solicitor. You will find it is your choice if you wish to seek an alternative legal opinion or representation. When you directly instruct a barrister you will receive a client care letter. Followed by a fee note. Generally speaking you will need to pay the barrister agreed fee in advance.

What does this mean? How does this benefit me?

What we discover after speaking with many clients is their shock at the initial cost or the how much they have spent with a Solicitor. It is no surprise of the high fees. Especially when you see nothing but correspondence being prepared. In some cases we hear of Solicitors charging £250 + VAT for a single letter. With nothing more than an acknowledgement. The issue many clients struggle to comprehend is the hourly rate structure. With the hourly rate structure. A solicitor or Barrister can respectively maintain their hourly on all work that is instructed by their client. However, with Direct Access Barristers through ShenSmith Barristers we always agree a fee in advance. Once payment has been made then we confirm the agreed instructions.

What are hourly rates?

Hourly rates for a barristers & solicitors can vary. Depending on their seniority and experience. It generally ranges from £100 + VAT to £500 + VAT.

If you need discuss anything feel free to us a call so we can help you asses.