Can a barrister draft an agreement?

The usual understanding is you need a solicitor to prepare an agreement. In some instances it may be a benefit. However going directly to a public access barrister will be immediately effective barrister. Especially if the barrister is experienced in the particular area of Law. Drafting agreements in Family Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law require a certain level of understanding.

A good example of why a strong agreement is necessary. Is the example of a Will. With a Will there are a number of areas a person themselves may not asses. What happens if a beneficiary dies before? A property is sold after the preparation of a will. A Barrister will be able to do research to find out everything that is applicable.

What do you need an Agreement for?

  • Financial Agreement with an Ex-Partner?
  • Financial Agreement with an Ex-Business Partner?
  • Child Arrangement with an Ex-Partner?
  • Divorce Agreement with an Ex-Partner?
  • Neighbour Dispute Agreement?
  • Dispute Resolution Agreement?

What would be the benefit of going to Barrister?

When identifying what you need, it is important you asses what out come you want? The agreement must be iron tight. The barrister would be a specialist in the area. In some cases you need a barrister to negotiate the optimal agreement. Ideally what is in your interest. The barrister holds a duty to the courts.

What happens when an agreement is no longer working?

A specialist barrister will be able to provide with you a legal opinion. With a legal opinion or legal advice you will be able to understand the strength and how best to challenge the existing agreement?

With Financial Agreements it is important the finer details are outlined and potential situations. This means the intricacies of your agreement need to be iron tight.

A specialist barrister who deals with these matter will provide you with legal advice and proposal agreement.