16 Benefits of talking to a barrister about your case? Advising in Conference

Prospective clients call seeking initial advice. The advice they are looking for generally cannot be provided without a few initial steps being taken. What are these steps?

The initial steps include speaking with one of the clerks. Our clerks are there to walk through the whole timeline and understand as much as possible. Then they are in a position to speak their barrister. At this stage, the barrister will be able to make their assessment. If the barrister believes more information needs to be gathered, either the barrister will request more information from the client directly or the clerk will contact the client. This initial step is pivotal. Once enough information has been gathered, the barrister will be in a position to understand.

The barrister will be able to speak to the client. This is referred to as an introductory call. A way for the barrister to prepare their initial thoughts.

This is where the barrister can begin to prepare your strategy? Once all the important papers are with the barrister.

The barrister can sit down with you and provide you with important advice.

The general term for when a barrister provides you advice in person is “Advice in Conference“. This is where foundations of the case are built. Step by Step the barrister will go through details of the case. What happens at the conference? Below I have listed the benefits of a conference.

16 Benefits of talking to a barrister about your case? Advising in Conference

  1. The barrister will run through the entire history
  2. The barrister will assess the facts
  3. The barrister will remove the non-sensical
  4. Clear possible misunderstandings
  5. Clarify important points
  6. Confirm valuable points
  7. Challenge the variables
  8. Question the supporting evidence and material
  9. Preliminary Advice based on initial thoughts
  10. Asses the other sides (Prosecution in Criminal Law) case
  11. Assess the status of the Witnesses
  12. Strengths and Weakness
  13. Clients want and needs
  14. Possible outcomes
  15. Middle grounds
  16. Barrister’s Opinion

With this much detail when you sit down with a barrister, you can see where the strategy will be drawn.

The benefits of a barrister extend beyond advising you. The barrister will be preparing your case for when it goes to court.