Tyres – Construction and Use Regulations, with Sunil Rupasinha

Why do tyres constitute offences?

Section 41(a) of the 1988 Road Traffic Act (RTA 1988) makes it an offence to breach, or fail to comply with the construction and use regulations in relations to tyres. There are numerous different ways in which the regulations can be breached. If the tyres are in poor condition, under inflated, of different types on the same vehicle, and so on. These matters can all mean that the regulations are not being complied with.

What is the most common tyre offence?

The most well-known and perhaps common breach of the regulations in relation to tyres is for them to have inadequate tread around the whole of the outer surface of the tyres. Anyone convicted of a breaching this regulation will be liable to a penalty.

What are the penalties for breaching tyre regulations?

The penalty is a fine of level 4 which is a maximum of £2500. It is so endorsable with 3 penalty points.

What happens if I have more tyres that breach the regulations?

Please note if you have more than one tyre, in breach of these regulations, the prosecution must allege a separate offence in relation to each. They can’t allege one offence in relation to more than one tyre.

What happens if I have four bald tyres?

Therefore, if you have several inadequate tyres, you could find yourself building up 3 penalty points per tyre. Basic arithmetic should tell you, that you could be disqualified for having inadequate tread on all four tyres.


by Road Traffic Barrister, Sunil Rupasinha


Image credits:
Dean Hochman