Sunil Rupasinha, independent road traffic barrister, clerked by ShenSmith Barristers



I am Sunil Rupasinha. I was called to the bar in 1983.

I have practised as a criminal barrister at the London Bar for most of that time. I have prosecuted and defended so I have appeared in all sorts of courts from the Court of Appeal, to the Old Bailey, and Crown Courts around the country. I prosecuted a lot for Revenue and Customs and they have a specific list called the ‘Attorney General’s list’ (or, they used to have that list), and that is a graded list, so if you want to prosecute on the Attorney General’s list you have to start off a ‘C-list’ barrister. For the best barristers they would be eventually promoted to the ‘A-list'; and then they were doing grave and complex crime on behalf of the Revenue and Customs, or the DWP- benefit fraud prosecutions, that kind of thing. And I was promoted to be an A-list barrister, and I was on the A-list for over 10 years until the Attorney General’s list was no longer used.

So I have a great deal of experience of prosecuting heavy-weight crime: frauds, VAT frauds, mortgage frauds, public order matters, riot, affray, dishonesty matters, theft, burglary, robbery, violence such as assault, and, grievous bodily harm. So I have a wide range of prosecution experience.

And, similarly, over the years, I have defended as well. At the independent Bar, generally speaking, one doesn’t either prosecute or defend (although some people do); in my case, I have done both. So out of the list of things I have given you, I’ve also defended in that range of cases. In the last few years at the independent Bar in London where I was practising, I was doing defence work. So I was travelling around the country doing VAT frauds or other kinds of frauds and, generally speaking, the kind of range of matters I have told you about.

So I have experience of defending and prosecuting from the Magistrates’ Court, all the way up to the Court of Appeal, and everything in between.

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