Isn’t a barrister more expensive than a solicitor?

Isn’t all legal advice expensive?

Well, you might be surprised, because solicitors have very high costs. After all, they have high street offices, they have to pay rates and business rates, they have to pay bills, they have to staff those offices with secretaries, clerks, paralegals, associate solicitors and partners. They are subjected to a very high degree of regulatory control by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). They have to pay their professional fees and so on. When you add all of that up, it’s a very high financial burden upon solicitors.

How does a barrister’s fees compare to those of a solicitor?

Whereas, if you come to a direct access barrister such as myself, I don’t have those cost, I don’t have a high street office, I don’t have the same staffing cost, I don’t even have the same regulatory burdens. Therefore, I can charge you fees, which are, in the main just for me representing you.  I can often do it, if you require it, I would be prepared to suggest doing it on a fixed fee basis. So you know what the fees are going to be, before you incur those fees. You know these fees are going to be limited. It is not to be “Right, the taxi metre has start running, and you don’t know where it is going to end up”. So in fact, although, it may surprise you, instructing a barrister can actually save you, sometimes thousands of pounds.



Image Credits:
Howard Lake