Introduction to ShenSmith Barristers


Sunil Rupasinha:

I’ve spent 25 years at the criminal bar in London in traditional sets of chambers. Traditional sets of chambers are based in the Inns of Court in central London. And typically they consist of a large number of barristers, perhaps 40 or 50; there are senior clerks and clerks who do the administration work, a practise manager and often a very high rental bill as well for situating the chambers in one of the Inns of Court.

But as the legal profession has developed, ShenSmith Barristers has sought to change the model. Rather than having those expensive buildings and staffing requirements, ShenSmith Barristers has set up as effectively an online medium, to give you access to a wide choice of barristers from the comfort of your living room.

Jonathan Maskew:

The ShenSmith model is a new model; one of many that are emerging int he new legal services environment. Which allow you - the client - much greater control. Many of our team now have ‘dual capacity’ to act as litigators and/or barristers, which allows you as clients to come to us for a one-stop litigation support.

You’re not having to go to solicitors and barrister to repeat the same instructions. It allows you to come to the barrister, in the capacity that he has, to ensure that that repetitive or duplication of costs is actually at its bare minimum.

Sunil Rupasinha:

ShenSmith Barristers picks specialist barristers for different areas of work. In my case, I am a specialist road traffic barrister and I don’t expect to do any civil area of work whatsoever. That enables me to offer you a specialised service. And when you come to ShenSmith Barristers you will find that to be the case. It’s entirely transparent; you can read about the barrister’s history, you can see his testimonials, and it enables you, in the modern day, to choose a barrister that you want to represent you – online. So we believe it’s a positive development in the legal sphere.