Immigration Barrister/Lawyer (Specialist) (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Visa)

A barrister will advise you on the lengthy immigration process. Our barristers provide legal advice. We have barristers with over 20 years of experience in the immigration process.

Choosing which route to take can be a difficult process, our barristers will help identify from the many immigration Visa steps that exist from Tier 1 (entrepreneur), Tier 2 & Tier 3 to find the most suitable one for you.

They specialise in immigration from the African region (Including Ghana, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria,Tanzania Kenya & Uganda), the Middle Eastern Region (Including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, Lebanon, U.A.E & Jordan) and the Asian region (Including China, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh & India). ShenSmith barristers are enthused by being able to assist their clients through this migration process. With the varieties of immigration options it is imperative the lawyer has previously managed and can immediately assess your situation and identify your needs.

If you have been wondering whether you are able emigrate to the United Kingdom (UK). Our barristers in a short conference will be able to assess the best course of action for you. Thereafter they will be able to walk you through  step by step through the process. A trusted barrister is essential when you are looking to migrate.

Is my Will valid?

When preparing a will, it is necessary that it is created with clear and direct instructions. In 2002, Mrs Jackson wrote a will, she intended her wealth to be given to charities, such as BBC Benevolent Fund, RSPCA and Blue Cross. Her estranged daughter who married at the age of 17 was informed by Mrs Jackson, she should not expect any inheritance from her. Mrs Jackson died a couple of years later.

Her last testament was clear with directions, all her estate of £489,000 to be given to the charities of her choice. The assumption being her last testament should be followed, however, the daughter argued the right for a ‘reasonable provision’ contained in the 1975 Inheritance Act. The act allows a child to apply for an order under the will of the deceased, if it does not reasonably provide for them.

The estranged daughter demonstrated that the section 1 (2) of the act provides the case of a child ‘reasonable financial provision’ means ‘such financial provision as it would be reasonable in all the circumstances of the case for the applicant to receive for their maintenance. The judge at the Court of Appeal awarded her the sum of £164,000 to help her buy a housing association home and another £20,000 for her to spend at her own behest.

The QC who was representing the daughter’s interest provided evidence for the family struggling to pay for clothes and limited in the food she can buy. She and her partner were on low incomes and did not have expensive lifestyles. Further evidence demonstrated that Mrs Jackson did not have any involvement with these charities she elected. It was portrayed in court the behaviour was unreasonable.

The Will is the last testament of the person. It seems unreasonable it was not fulfilled. However, after this decision at the Court of Appeal, it demonstrated that the Law is here to be just, if a person’s will can not clearly demonstrate the purpose for disinheritance of the progeny then the Law which aims to be just will be able to support argument of the affected parties. A will can be prepared to stand the test of time subjective to the full and thorough detail is gone into creating one. Barristers can prepare a Will to ensure your last testament is fulfilled.

Magistrates Court, Criminal only?

Magistrates (Criminal)

The magistrates is primarily for criminal matters. Crimes are generally under three categories:

  • Summary
  • Indictable
  • Triable either way (Offences)

Summary offences are trialled in a Magistrates courts. Other crimes even though they are not summary offences are still possible to be trialled in Magistrates.

Magistrates (Family Matters)

The magistrates can hear civil cases if they fall under the following:

  • Matrimonial matters
  • Guardianship
  • Adoption
  • Child Support cases

Appeals from the magistrates court in family matters will be taken to the Divisional Court. The judges will be composed from the Family Division.

Why go direct to a barrister?

Our barristers are vastly experienced practitioners who deal with criminal matters of all varieties.

If you have been a victim of crime or have been suspected of committing a crime, It is really important that you speak to a barrister in a conference as soon as possible. Speaking to a barrister will help you to asses your matter effectively and quickly.

A barrister can walk you through the process that is required in your criminal matter, for example, being wrongly accused, wrongly sentenced or a victim of abuse or attacks (verbal or physical). In all criminal matters, any time that is wasted can lead to potential problems. You can take action by means of written opinion from the barrister or even a letter directly from the barrister to other party outlining the possible action ahead them.

Our barristers range from Queen’s counsel barristers (QC), 15 years call senior barristers, 10 – 15 years barristers, to under 10 years call. We aim to provide the most thorough and informative solutions. By investing in a direct and secure conference with a barrister, you will get the much needed and valuable information to assist your case.

Received an NIP? Check whether its valid

How to check your Notice of Intended Prosecution:

If you have been given, or have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution – often referred to as an NIP, you will no doubt want to know whether it is valid, and legally compliant.

The rules for this are found in Section 1 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Under this section, certain road traffic offences require service of an NIP within 14 days of the date of the alleged offence. This starts from the day after the date of the alleged offence.

If you are worried, please call us immediately on 0203 627 9580.

REMEMBER: It is sufficient for a Police Officer to verbally inform you of Notice of Intended Prosecution, and again the 14 days will begin from the day after the date of the alleged offence.

If you have received an NIP and need help, please call us immediately on 0203 627 9580



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Student Pro Bono Unit Application

Bar Standards Board Risk Outlook 2016 Review

Hi, we would like to take two minutes to tell you about how we operate at ShenSmith Barristers and just a few of our strategic aims.

Reviewing the Bar Standards Board’s Risk Outlook Document 2016

Earlier this week, we were very interested to read the Bar Standard Board’s (BSB) risk outlook documents and how as a business, there appear to be several opportunities and challenges for us both.

With the kind permission of the Bar Standards Board (BSB), We’re going to refer to two very interesting infographics they put together that identify the legal supply and the legal demand. The legal services market provides a huge opportunity for barristers and their services. What is very interesting is the percentage of people using a barrister. I suggest you take you a look.

So, there is the opportunity and of course the challenge. But how are we delivering? Well, we know only too well that business owners, SMEs, startups, entrepreneurs and individuals are often deterred from seeking legal advice due to the perceived costs. It’s just simply too expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way, that 63% of the public do not believe professional legal advice is an affordable option for ordinary people, and that the perceived cost is main barrier to accessing legal services for small businesses.

Cost-effective legal advice

At ShenSmith Barristers, we understand that only too well indeed. Co-founder Daniel ShenSmith was in this very position when I introduced him directly to a barrister for legal advice some years ago. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective route for SMEs, businesses and startups with Direct Access to barristers. It’s really that simple. Part of the solution is by only offering fixed fees. A fixed cost that is agreed in advance, so there are no surprises. It is what the consumers of the legal services want.

Flexibility with your legal costs

We also aim to unbundle, this reduces costs, allows the consumers again as the BSB suggests, to choose the parts that they are comfortable to undertake and those which they pay the barrister to undertake.

So it is very much tapping in and paying for the legal services as when you want it. It gives you – the client – that choice. The ShenSmith way of working gives you, the client, flexibility and this innovative new model as with others are emerging to be recognised as increasing part of the supply.

It’s a very exciting opportunity indeed. Thanks for listening.

As always, for further updates, you can follow our Twitter feed @SSBarristers or follow #Barrister.

Need to resolve a legal dispute?

Or if you have a legal dispute, you need cost-effective help with, then give us a call on 0203 627 9580, or you can email the team at


ShenSmith Updates March 2016 – Robina Omar & Karishma Vora

Busy week with ShenSmith Barristers and our Direct Access offering moving forward. We’re delighted to announce this week, we’ve had two new barristers join us. We have Robina Omar and Karishma Vora. Their profiles will appear later today or tomorrow.

Robina is 1991 call and has a practice of company; commercial; landlord and tenant; employment and family.

Karishma joins us with huge experience with India and UK. Unique in the fact that she was called in India in 2006 and in the UK in 2011. She has a ‘litigation ticket’ as we would call it, so she has dual capacity; and deals with mainly company and commercial matters.

We are very excited about both of them joining us and we look forward to working with them moving forward.

Banking matters and Private Prosecution

We’ve had a huge amount of dialogue and discussion with people affected by banking matters and issues.

So what does that involve?

Well, a whole range of scheme of mis-selling is occurring as you know, through banks. And what we’re putting together now is a team of specialist barristers, particularly QCs, to look at matters at a very early stage. It’s helping people cut the timeline and cut costs, in relation to any potential case they may have against the bank.

How are civil matters linked with private prosecutions?

Furthermore, what we are exploring is the opportunity of private prosecution. In many of the civil cases, what appears to have happened is that there is no outcome easily achieved in a short space of time. So what we are hoping to do over the coming months is put together a scheme and involve specific cases, so that we are taked seriously, not only with your dispute, but also with the courts as to a proper outcome, and giving you access to justice. Often people in these matters are (over many many years) forced into a corner with ‘bully-boy’ tactics, or just stone walling you with no response, or there is lack of response from the solicitors involved.

How do I get started with a private prosecution?

So what we are hoping to do with ShenSmith Barristers is to encourage people to contact us in the first instance. And we can have a clear discussion as to where you are at the matter and allocate it to a suitable barrister for them to talk to you, at no cost initially, just to see where we are at, what solutions we might be able to offer you. It’s tailored, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

How can I fund a private prosecution?

We are also in serious discussions with some of the litigation funders, as to whether they would support your matter moving forward.

So, if you have a matter that you think may interest us, or we can assist you with, just pick up the phone or email us, we will response very quickly, and talk through the options moving forward. Thank you!

Litigation Barristers from ShenSmith Barristers

Hi, I am Jonanthan Maskew, one of the directors and co-founder of ShenSmith Barristers. One of the aims for 2016 is to engage with businesses and SMEs to allow a wider communication and understanding of how we work.

What is a ‘dual capacity barrister’ ?

Many of our team now have dual capacity to act as litigators and/or barristers, which allows you as a client to come to us for one stop litigation support. The earlier involvement of a barrister with that capacity allows you to have much greater control of cost and of specific cases without the needs to go to solicitors and barristers. So that has real cost-effective and added value for you as a client.

How does ShenSmith Barristers offer dual capacity barrister services?

One of the aims for ShenSmith Barristers is to put together that one stop model. The ShenSmith model is a new model, one of the many that are emerging in the new legal services environment, which allow you, the client much greater control. You are not having to go to solicitors and barristers to repeat the same instructions, it allows you to come to the barrister in the capacity that he has to ensure that that repetitive or duplication of costs is actually at its bare minimum.

We work with businesses and SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups over the last 12 months, and we monitored the process of certain cases. The cost benefit is huge. We know the costs to come to one of our barristers who has that dual capacity is less than 50% of that going to a solicitor. So that is one of the key drivers. We know it adds value, and we know that we are adding real real benefit to the clients.

What is litigation funding?

One of the aims of the ShenSmith Barrister model is also to ensure that clients have the benefit of not only litigation and barrister skills, but also to provide litigation funding where it’s necessary and/or appropriate. What it is allowing clients to do, is to ensure that at an early stage, a barrister gives an opinion; on the basis of that opinion, we can then secure with our preferred partners litigation funding, which allows the funding of the legal aspect of your case moving forward.

So, the whole package is becoming much more widely understood for people, who have got legal disputes to actually think again about how they can address that legal need.

ShenSmith Barristers in calibration with other partners are finally putting together parts of the jigsaw which allow you to do that. It’s a new model – litigation funding will and is becoming much more commonly accepted. And we look forward to working with you in those innovative way to ensure that you, the client has real value.